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Unique Flavors From South Africa

Four Epicurean Experiences to Try on Your Next Visit to the Rainbow Nation

Perhaps nowhere is the colorful diversity of South Africa more prominently displayed than in the nation’s rich foodculture. With influences from Bantu, Indian, Dutch, Malay, Portugese cultures, among others, the flavors of South African cusine are anything but bland. With a bountiful agriculture sector and vibrant urban restaurant scenes, world-class dining can be found across the country. For a quintessentially South African dining adventure, try these four unique culinary options.

Bunny Chow in Durban Bunny chow originated as a street food offering for working class patrons of Durban’s numerous Indian restaurants, and is now a cultural icon of the city. Consisting of a hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with a spicy Indian curry, bunny chow has many varieties, including lamb, beef, chicken, pork or vegetarian options. The upscale Indian restaurant Jeera serves bunny chow that was voted Durban’s best in a citywide contest (


Wine Tasting in Fransch hoek- The Fransch hoek Wine Valley is the heart of South African wine production. With its temperate climate, beautiful scenery, and numerous wineries, Fransch hoek is the perfect destination for a meandering road trip. Most of the local wineries have upscale tasting rooms, with many featuring gourmet restaurants as well. The Franschhoek Food & Wine Route offers year-round itineraries that include food and wine pairings, cooking classes and more (


Braai in Soweto:

Perhaps the most ubiquitous food tradition in South Africa, braai is South Africa’s answer to the barbecue. While it can technically feature grilled meats of any kind, a typical South African braai will feature lamb chops and boerewors, a popular South African spiced sausage that is placed in a large coil on the grill. A braai is more than just a culinary event, it is a social experience. In Zulu, braai is calledshisha nyama(grilled meat), and the Johannesburg district of Soweto features numerous establishments that specialize in serving this delectable grilled fare, often accompanied by local music and a vibrant atmosphere. Try visiting Sakhumzi for a true taste of Soweto braai(

Bobotie in Cape Town

This Cape Malay dish is the ultimate South African comfort food. Bobotie is a savory meat pie, made from ground beef or lamb mixed with spices, chutney, dried fruits, almonds and other ingredients that is topped with egg before it is baked. Often served with rice, this incredibly flavorful entrée is often called the national dish of South Africa. For an authentic taste of bobotie, visit Biesmiellah in Cape Town



Mixed with a rich blend of cultures and vibrant living, South Africa is home to everything you can imagine! Visit to book your next South African getaway today.