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Tirunesh Dibaba

An interview with the three-time Olympic champion runner.

Tirunesh Dibaba has a total of six Olympic medals — three golds and three bronzes — spanning four different Olympic Games.

Where was the last place that you traveled to, and where is your next destination?

I was in Manchester, U.K., about a month ago. I will be heading to Berlin in August.

What is your favorite place in the world, outside Ethiopia, that you have traveled to?

I loved New York City and London. There’s something different about these cities; I love their metropolitan feel with all the big buildings and busy streets.

What is your favorite thing to do, when you are not training or competing?

If I’m not training or racing, I usually spend my time with family. That’s my rest. As soon as I finish training or I’m done with one season, I eagerly look forward to it. Whenever I’m away, I miss those times we spend having coffee, eating and laughing together.

Many young people, especially young women, look up to you as a role model. What is your message to your younger fans?

Youth is a time where you work hard to realize your dreams. I would like to tell the young generation to be determined in all they do. If you work hard and strong, you can reach anywhere. I encourage everyone to start working toward their future while they’re still young.

You are one of the most successful Ethiopian athletes, and you are now a brand ambassador for Ethiopian, the most successful airline in Africa. How do you feel about this partnership?

I’m very happy and excited to be an ambassador for Ethiopian Airlines. I always fly Ethiopian, and proudly so. I feel very honored. I hope that as a result of this cooperation, more and more people will come to enjoy the great services that Ethiopian Airlines offers.