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The Airbnb for Safaris removes the
middle man and empowers locals
for tours across Africa.


Only one year following its launch, Safarisource — the online marketplace dubbed the “Airbnb for safaris” — is currently offering tours to 21 African countries, and empowering local tour operators everywhere it goes.

Believing that the real safari experts are those local guides and ground handlers, not the overseas agents acting as middlemen, Swedish anthropologist Jessika Nilsson and safari industry veteran and Maasai elder Loserian Laizer together created Safarisource in 2017. 

“We are trying to transform the safari industry into a socially and economically inclusive industry where local African tour operators have direct market access,” says Nilsson. “What cryptocurrency did to money and what Airbnb did to accommodation, that is what we want to do to safaris.”

On the user side, adds Nilsson, “Safarisource leads travelers straight to the source for a more personalized safari experience,” traveling at local rates and gaining the opportunity to support the local economy.

Interested users simply search the platform for tours by location, prices and/or dates, and a site-wide rating system ensures that users can review their experiences for travelers to consider before booking.

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