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Fabulous Feats on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Rising 5,895 meters tall, Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro stands out among the world’s grand formations as the globe’s highest mountain. Here, we recount some of the most amazing feats to have been accomplished atop the marvelous mount.


1. Record-breaking Cricket Match

In an effort to raise money and have some fun, the Mt. Kili Madness charity project held the highest game of cricket ever played on Sept. 26, 2014. Two cricket teams, consisting of past and current professional players, hiked up the mountain for a week before commencing the game atop a flat crater. In addition to raising over US$150,000 for Cancer Research U.K., Tusk and The Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation, the cricket game smashed the previous record set on Mt. Everest.

2. Paragliders Take Flight for Charity

Back in February 2013, 94 climbers from over 27 countries scaled Mt. Kilimanjaro with plans to paraglide off its ledge. While only one pilot was able to take flight due to severe winds, the “Wings of Kilimanjaro” expedition raised over $500,000 for three charities. The group also planted trees along the slopes and broke the record for the largest expedition to summit the mountain.

3. Sunrise Leads to Google CFO Epiphany

After witnessing daybreak atop the mount, Google CFO Patrick Pichette says he made the split-decision to step down from his position and explore the world — to “enjoy a perfectly fine midlife crisis full of bliss and beauty.” Many claim that he was just blinded by the mountain’s beauty, but Pichette may have tapped into an inner peace that only Mt. Kilimanjaro can release…

4. Iceman Breaks Record for Fastest Ascent

In January 2015, 55-year-old Wim Hof broke the record for the quickest ascent up Mt. Kilimanjaro, completing the feat in just 31 hours and 25 minutes. Known as the “Iceman,” for climbing at such a quick pace regardless of the fatal temperatures he faced, the Dutch father-of-five claims an ability to control his body’s thermostat through meditation. Scientists plan to study Hof during his next ascent.

5. Man Scales Mountain in Wheelchair 

Breaking his own record from four years prior, South African Bernard Goosen in 2007 scaled the mount in six days utilizing a modified wheelchair. (Goosen, who suffers from cerebral palsy, made the second climb because the strict record requirements could not be verified the first time around.) At the time of both expeditions, Goosen remained the only person to conquer the mountain in a wheelchair.