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Ikea debuts new SoCal-inspired collection.


Sure, home furnishings giant Ikea may be the first place you think of for everything from affordable kitchenware to tasty Swedish meatballs, but now skateboards? Indeed, in May, the Swedish company debuted its limited-edition, SoCal–inspired collection with Los Angeles–based fashion designer Chris Stamp focusing on street style, including — among other things — Ikea’s first-ever skateboard. 


The collection, known as SPÄNST and completed in collaboration with freelance designer Maja Ganszyniec, was designed with young, sporty and urban shoppers in mind. With pieces ranging from a mesh wardrobe to a shoe-and-skateboard rack, the collection aims to help people take pride in displaying their favorite items at home. “So whether it’s for a skateboard, for the jacket that could be considered a work of art, or for the shoes that look better after each wear, SPÄNST is a way for you to uncover your lifestyle; to exhibit it at home with the same amount of artistry and pride within the four walls, as you do outside of them,” writes the company’s website.

The SPÄNST line also includes monochromatic streetwear, an indoor basketball hoop, a high-top table designed for DJing, and more. But as for that groundbreaking skateboard, look closely at its sleek and US$90 frame: The wheels reveal the longitudes and latitudes of both the first Ikea store and Stamp’s own first store in LA, Stampd.