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Rustic Refinement

Hotels offering simple comforts with an added dose of shine.


Rivertrees Country Inn

—Northern Tanzania

Set on land that once served as a coffee farm, Rivertrees invites guests to relax in a lush, private setting that retains the nostalgic air of yesteryear. Offering quaint, secluded cottages located across its sprawling grounds, the inn presents not only a perfect spot for exploring the surrounding nature reserves but also inviting, well-appointed accommodations to enjoy upon return. And with garden-fresh, hearty meals cooked up in its restaurant all day long — ranging from Zanzibari curry to margherita pizza — Rivertrees presents a compelling case for why guests should never leave.


The Machan

—Jambulne, India

Guests looking to reclaim a bit of childlike wonder need look no further than Western India. Rising high above the forest floor in Jambulne — about a 2.5-hour drive from Mumbai — sits a series of serene yet playful tree houses, forming the ecoresort known as The Machan. Each “machan” has been carefully designed to minimize its impact on its surroundings while also ensuring its inhabitants sumptuous comforts inside. Run solely on solar and wind energy, The Machan takes pride in its green yet luxe approach to hospitality, and offers delights for every season — from nightly campfires in the winter, to the perfect perch from which to watch the abundant waterfalls during the monsoons.


Limalimo Lodge

—Northern Ethiopia

Designed to fit in with its natural surroundings — Ethiopia’s stunning Simien Mountains — Limalimo was constructed using rammed earth, wood and thatch. Its 12 rooms lie scattered throughout the 10-hectare site, each ringed with trees, and the bar and restaurant are seated atop the hill, offering dramatic views of the plunging escarpment and lowlands below. The mix of rough-hewn materials and clean-lined furniture creates a sense of rustic luxe, with the held-back design allowing the awe-inspiring natural environs to take center stage.


Durslade Farmhouse

—Somerset, U.K.

Dating back to 1760, the restored Durslade Farmhouse sits on the ground of the innovative Hauser & Wirth art complex in rural Somerset, about a 3-hour drive outside of London. Offering six charming bedrooms at the Farmhouse, the Hauser & Wirth team invites visitors to extend their stay in Somerset and soak up all that the gallery and multipurpose arts center have to offer. Combining bare plastered walls, vintage furnishings and eye-catching fabrics, the inn is a mix of country comforts and modern twists — just like the surrounding complex itself.