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Nosy Be, Madagascar


Fast Facts

Location. Island off Madagascar’s northwest coast, and the country’s largest and busiest tourist destination. Its name means “big island” in Malagasy, the country’s national language.

Population. Estimated at 73,010

Area. 320 sq. km.

Did You Know?

  • Nosy Be lies roughly eight kilometers from the coast of Madagascar in the Mozambique Channel, surrounded by several smaller islands.

  • The island welcomes tourists by the droves, who come to its plentiful resorts largely to relax, dive, snorkel and sail. But Nosy Be’s highlights aren’t limited only to the sea; the island’s rolling landscapes abound with waterfalls, crater lakes, cocoa and vanilla plantations, and more.

  • Regarding wildlife, Nosy Be is famed for serving as the home of two very small reptiles: the stumpffia pygmaea, one of the world’s smallest frogs, and the brookesia minima, a chameleon native only to the island and the second-smallest lizard in existence. The waters surrounding Nosy Be also host a notable population of Omura’s whale, a rare species of the ocean mammal. Researchers have recently begun conducting field studies around the island to learn more about this little-known finback whale.