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History-making Hotels

Exciting new properties that loom on the horizon.


At Grand Scale

Move over, Venetian Las Vegas; there’s a new big, big hotel of which to boast. Come 2017, the 10,000-room Abraj Kudai hotel in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, will claim the title of the world’s largest hotel. Conveniently located around the corner from the Masjid al-Haram, the world’s largest mosque, the hotel will cater to a high-end clientele on pilgrimage. The opulent plans span everything from 70 restaurants and a mall to a convention center and prayer areas. Each of the hotel’s 12 towers will even be topped with a helipad, for those guests coming and going via chopper.


A Bed Fit for a King

Future guests to visit Versailles — the grand estate and grounds built by King Louis XIV of France — are in for the true royal treatment. No longer just a place to daytrip from Paris, the palace plans to transform three of the property’s 17th-century buildings into new luxury accommodations. The plans will require major renovations, but the hotel is slated to open sometime in 2016. And though visitors won’t quite be able to sleep in Louis XVI’s bed, they’ll receive the honor of being the chateau’s very first overnight guests since the days of Marie Antoinette.


Rooms With a View

London landmark the Admiralty Arch is about to stake a new claim to fame — as a five-star luxury hotel with views of Buckingham Palace. The building, which serves as the ceremonial entrance to Trafalgar Square, was built in 1912 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s death. It’s housed government offices for most of its life, but given the hotel’s expected completion in 2016, 100 guest rooms will soon fill its walls — offering front-row seats for all royal processions to come.