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From Sea to Land

From centuries-old traditions to modern, business-minded conventions, Europe abounds with opportunities to satisfy every seafood lover’s tastes. 

Whether travelers are looking for an authentic dining experience or a glimpse into the industry’s up-and-coming trends, Europe’s culturally diverse options will not disappoint.

Dublin Bay Prawn Festival, Dublin 

As its name suggests, the annual Dublin Bay Prawn Festival spectacular takes place in the picturesque fishing town of Howth, an outer suburb of the famed Irish capital. As part of St. Patrick’s Day weekend, visitors flock to the green fields of the Howth peninsula to enjoy prawns prepared in every way imaginable — barbecued, skewered, fried, marinated, whole, shelled . . . the list goes on! But, prawns aren’t the only fish in the sea at this family-friendly festival. 

Guests can enjoy a myriad of seafood dishes, ranging from fish and chips to oysters, paella, smoked salmon and more — all while swaying along to live music, observing cooking demos, or participating in the festival’s funfair.

Seadfood Expo Global, Brussels

For the business-minded traveler, the Seafood Expo Global is sure to be of interest. Held in the emblematic Brussels Expo, this seafood extravaganza boasts over 29,000 attendees, making it the world’s largest seafood trade fair. This annual event features a diverse presentation of seafood products from nearly 2,000 exhibiting companies, who travel from 78 countries to bring the brightest ideas in seafood under one roof. 

This convention offers attendees the opportunity to meet vendors, stay up-to-date on emerging trends, and source relevant equipment and sustainable seafood.

Swedish crayfish season, Stockholm

Late in the Swedish summer, residents gear up for “Kräftskiva,” or seasonal crayfish parties. Locals gather in the August evening air, decorate tables with paper lanterns and streamers, and don party hats while chowing down on the beloved Swedish staple. 

Merry groups of friends pass baskets of bread while sipping spirits and beer, then slurp the juice from the plentiful crayfish before shelling and eating them. If travelers aren’t lucky enough to be invited to a crayfish party by a local, a handful of Stockholm restaurants host festive Kräftskiva for visitors, including Sturehof, Tennstopet, and B.A.R.

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Matstreif Food Festival, Oslo

The Nordic countries boast a heritage rich in seafood, and Norway is no exception. Each year, over 100,000 visitors are drawn to the Matstreif Food Festival in Oslo. While event-goers will find all kinds of Norwegian cuisine at this festival, the seafood market is a prominent highlight. 

Guests can be found lounging around the reflection pool at City Hall Square, nibbling on local sea-sourced delicacies such as lobster, wind-dried cod, and even “rakfisk” (fermented, uncooked trout) for the more adventurous ones in the crowd. 

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