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Special Feature

Congratulations, Ethiopian Airlines!

As the continent’s oldest and fastest-growing airline, connecting Africa to the world and the world to Africa, Ethiopian has indeed held a special role in the lives of countless people across the continent. Here, a few such individuals share their well wishes for the airline’s 70 years of success.


On behalf of the Economic Commission for Africa, I am honored to congratulate Ethiopian Airlines on the occasion of its 70th anniversary. This is a significant milestone in the journey of an airline that has stood the test of time to metamorphose into a globally competitive aviation powerhouse.

By bridging the cultures and economies of Africa, as well bringing the globe to Africa, Ethiopian has helped make the world a smaller and more interconnected place. A trailblazer for innovation and a recognized world-class knowledge provider, Ethiopian Airlines has been a key contributor to Ethiopia’s fast socio-economic development. It has also set in motion the dividends that the industry offers the continent for future economic growth, as well as strengthened investment and trade ties that will support the transformation envisaged in Africa’s Agenda 2063.

The success of this multi-award-winning airline is a testament of the spirit of Pan-Africanism, the power of self-reliance and the quality of the “made-in-Africa” label. The future looks bright. I wish the airline continued success as it spreads its wings and soars to new heights.

Dr. Carlos Lopesexecutive secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

When I was just starting out as an athlete 28 years ago, ET was my biggest supporter. I see my success as one of ET’s great contributions in its 70 years. I would like to say a very special and heartfelt congratulations!
Haile Gebrselassie,  former Olympic gold medalist for long-distance running

CongratulationsEthiopian Airlines, on marking 70 years of great service and leadership in the airline industry. This is a great milestone, and you have proved over the years that a business does not have to rely on government investments to succeed. It is encouraging to see that Ethiopian Airlines has invested a great deal in its service, giving people all over the world access to fair prices and good food as they travel. An airline that takes pride in serving its local delicacies promotes not only the culture and traditions of the people but also the country.

The airline’s top management is not left behind when it comes to hospitality. More often than not, you see members of the team receiving flights on arrival and welcoming passengers. This is a very courteous act that is commendable. Ethiopians in general take pride in their airline by considering it as their first choice for travel, as opposed to foreign airlines. This shows that it is the people who have the power to drive the business forward. I do hope that the rest of Africa will emulate this in order to grow the continent’s airlines.

Thank you for being an efficient national carrier and giving support to other regional airlines. Congratulations once again, and cheers to many more successful years.

— Dr. Chris KirubiKenyan businessman, entrepreneur, industrialist and philanthropist

I love ET! I’ve been associated with Ethiopian since its first flight to Frankfurt in 1958. I used to supply the in-flight music. ET is truly a great carrier.I wish it all the best!
Mulatu Astatke legendary musician, composer and music scholar; father of Ethio-jazz