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An Ode to Home

Bolé Road Textiles merges Brooklyn-based designs with Ethiopian artisanship.

“I took twoof the most important trips of my life on Bole Road,” says Brooklyn-based designer Hana Getachew, referring to the Ethiopian capital’s main thoroughfare. “The first came when I was only three years old, when my family and I immigrated to North America. The second came 18 years later when I made my first trip back.”


Inspired by the vibrancy of every facet of life she encountered upon that return, Hana came back to the United States committed to staying more connected to her homeland, and to sharing the traditions and culture of her heritage with others. And so, as an ode to those life-changing trips, Hana in 2015 started Bolé Road Textiles — merging her love of Ethiopian handwoven fabrics with her career in interior design. 

Today, the brand offers a range of modern, eye-catching textiles, from pillows and curtains to table linens and rugs — all of which are created from ethically sourced materials and woven by master artisans in Ethiopia. Bolé Road works specifically with one weaving collective based in Addis Ababa, as well as three weaving studios throughout the country that are owned and operated by women — a fact that is especially notable given that weaving is traditionally performed by men in Ethiopia.

“These successful women have fostered longstanding relationships with retailers abroad through a track record of excellence,” says Hana. “They are models for today’s girls, who, with encouragement and guidance, will become vital contributors to every rung of Ethiopian society.”

Bolé Road’s spring collection will launch in May, taking its inspiration from the colors and cultures of southern Ethiopia. And looking even further ahead, Hana plans to expand her line to include fabrics sold by the yard and products tailored specifically for commercial interiors. Who knows, perhaps the next hotel pillow upon which you lay your head will have you, too, dreaming of Ethiopia — and lead you to the very road that started it all.